Do What It Takes

I don’t hear compliments
Though they may be well spoken
I always hear criticism
Said or not
I’m broken

I hear what you say
I read what you write
Should I keep trying?
Or get out of your sight?

Intentioned or not
I keep causing you pain
Can’t seem to fix it
Though I do try
In vain

I struggle to find something
Some positive trait
Some part of me that you value
Some part you don’t hate

I want you to be happy
Been my goal from the start
But it feels like to often
I just tear you apart

Should I stay?
Should I go?
Am I a yes?

With these questions I wrestle
I ponder alone
Hoping someday you’ll speak
And make your mind known

I love you!
I miss you!
I want you
For Christ’s sake!

But I put your needs first
There is so much at stake
If I must leave for your happiness
I will do what it takes