The Veil

The veil is lifting
I’m left with sifting
Through the ashes of
My former life

No more drifting
Patterns shifting
From all the anger
Pain and strife

An honest look
At the toll it took
And moving towards
A better life

It’s been so long
Since I’ve been me
So long since I’ve
Been influence free

Face to face
With the real me
Standing tall
Resisting urge to flee

Dealing with my choices and
I give myself a helping hand

Be the friend
You always dreamed
It’s not as bad
As it once seemed

To Love myself
Is my new quest
And worry not
About the rest

Rested body heart and mind
Wrested thoughts from dark decline

Dawn is breaking
I must say
It’s going to be
A lovely day

Do What It Takes

I don’t hear compliments
Though they may be well spoken
I always hear criticism
Said or not
I’m broken

I hear what you say
I read what you write
Should I keep trying?
Or get out of your sight?

Intentioned or not
I keep causing you pain
Can’t seem to fix it
Though I do try
In vain

I struggle to find something
Some positive trait
Some part of me that you value
Some part you don’t hate

I want you to be happy
Been my goal from the start
But it feels like to often
I just tear you apart

Should I stay?
Should I go?
Am I a yes?

With these questions I wrestle
I ponder alone
Hoping someday you’ll speak
And make your mind known

I love you!
I miss you!
I want you
For Christ’s sake!

But I put your needs first
There is so much at stake
If I must leave for your happiness
I will do what it takes